Using Our Love To Change The World...

What We Do

Jessicare aims to break the barriers to loving in the social stratification, to love the poor the same way we would love the rich. We also hope to amplify love expressions, even amongst the different races, whether Africans, Hispanics, Asians, Whites, Blacks. We believe in one thing that binds us together, and that’s love.

At Jessicare Foundation, we are very interested in the mental health of as many that come under our umbrella, as we seek to establish an environment where people are free enough to speak to others, having seen a few people who struggle in silence with depression, abuse (both emotional and physical). 

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The core of our outreach is towards orphans, single mothers and the less privileged. We believe that love is beyond an adjective. At Jessicare, we believe that love is an action Word hence, we aim to explore all means practicable in our translation and expressions of love, by first conveying to as many God’s steadfast love for them. Beyond conversations, we aim to provide food stuff, stationaries, clothing items, etc. We also hope to organise outreaches taking as many as we find to love to places like the movies, game centres, parks, beach etc. We intend to sponsor them in schools and also involve them with different exchange programs in different schools and countries.

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Through God’s help, we believe we can remind them that there is light at the end of every dark tunnel. We want them to understand that healing is a process and while it might be okay to relapse, we promise to be there every step of the way to ensure they do not relent, with the hope that at the end of each encounter we all have, they realize that their stories are but a breakthrough for others. Jessicare hopes to give people time, and a listening ear; most importantly, without judging them or their conditions, but working with them to have a better future. 

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